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Actually Health Chat is a free online platform for members to share health-related information based on personal experiences. All information is kept strictly confidential among members. We do not share the information with any other organization.

Benefits for Joining Actually Health Chat

  • A community of members who care about staying healthy
  • Discussions of all important health issues
  • Helpful links and recommendations to health related resources
  • Your experiences, positive or negative, help other members
  • Diabetes Chat Room helps diabetic people to know the related information and precautions
  • Covid-19 Chat Room discusses vaccinations and other measures to fight against the contagious virus
  • Cancer Chat Room shares necessary treatments and procedures
  • Herbal Medicine Chat Room focuses on preventing diseases through nature-bestowed herbs

Members may share information on this health chat platform on symptoms, treatments, health care providers, and facilities based on their own or their family and friends' experiences. Information from credible sources may also be shared, such as news reports, publications, and books on this health care online chat platform.

Our health chat platform is a place where real-world experiences of the patients are shared that help people diagnose their symptoms and treat the conditions at the earliest stage. In light of the ongoing pandemic, our COVID- 19 chat room is one of the most approached forum. Additionally, as people are becoming more inclined towards an herbal treatment, our Herbal Medicine chat room is the ultimate place to effectuate their longings.

Not only the major ailments are brought into the discussions in our health chat platform, but other diseases like Anxiety and Depression also have separate chat rooms where discussion and questions are dealt with, especially the unattended questions from the individuals who lack authentic and credible sources.

The shared information on this health chat platform does not intend to replace the treatments by health care experts. If you fall ill, you ought to go to see a doctor. This public health platform provides members with real world information and also the opportunity to chat with other members with similar health concerns.

This health chat initiative opens a new door to the world of symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. This health platform is not intended to target any specific ailment type, rather most types of diseases are discussed. For example, the cancer chat room discusses almost every type of cancers.

This health chat platform doesn’t intend to replace any professional advice and medical care; rather, it is a resourceful platform to chat, explore and share health-related information with utmost confidence.

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